Personalized College Advising

Competition for acceptance and securing lucrative merit scholarships at the best colleges and universities is at an all-time high! One-on-one personal coaching is the most effective approach to maximizing a student’s potential for success. Through frequent visits and telephone consultations, Michelle is able to develop a strong relationship with each student and build an impressive profile that highlights their strengths in both academic and extracurricular areas.

Services for all students include detailed, multi-year academic plans in high school, standardized test strategies and tutoring, exploration of little known extracurricular activities that can set your child apart, management and submission of all applications, search for part-time job opportunities or internships to learn more about potential careers and competitive opportunities to earn recognition both locally and nationally.

Call Michelle today at (781) 591-9211 so she can start the process of helping your student stand out from the competition and reduce stress and anxiety in your home!

Target College List
Admission Essay Guidance
Comprehensive Application Management
Standardized Tests – SAT or ACT?
Interview Strategies with Role Playing
Scholarships & Financial Aid Options
Gap Year Possibilities