Transfer Students

No school is perfect, but transferring can make sense if a student changes their major, seeks to study at a more prestigious university with significantly better resources, wants a second chance at an Ivy or highly ranked university, an athlete wants to change Division level or a student just wants to attend college closer to home.

There are also many solid reasons not to transfer that may not be obvious until a comprehensive evaluation is prepared. Will the new school accept all of your credits? Will they match your current academic/merit/athletic scholarship? Will you need an additional semester or two to graduate? Are you guaranteed on-campus housing or will you need to find your own apartment? What is the acceptance ratio for transfer students?

Michelle’s expert knowledge of the transfer process has helped recent clients be admitted to MIT, Columbia, Northeastern University, Boston University, University of Michigan, Swarthmore and honors programs at top universities throughout the country.

The transfer process can be disruptive and very time consuming so call Michelle today at (781) 591-9211 to help you evaluate your options!

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