Visiting Colleges this summer? Don’t leave campus without seeing this

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Soon after you enter college you will begin to think about potential careers so be sure to stop by the Office of Career Services during your college tours. It’s one of the most overlooked stops, but it can make or break your decision about how robust the major you are considering is viewed by companies seeking to hire graduating seniors. Be sure to talk to current students and recent alums about their job searches and specifically how helpful and knowledgeable the staff is. Ask for a list of companies that have recruited seniors in the past two years and what are the most popular majors. Does the school host multiple Career Fairs? Don’t be shy — ask about salaries, competition for interviews, help preparing resumes or assistance with securing a internship. College is an enormous investment both in time and money so make sure employers are lining up for graduates with interesting jobs and salaries that will allow you to build a life on your own and not in your parent’s basement!