Most Lucrative NCAA Scholarships – Head Count vs. Equivalency

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Do you know the difference between “Head Count” and “Equivalency” scholarships?

Head Count sports offer “Full-Ride” scholarships and restrict the number of athletes that can be awarded a scholarship. Headcount sports are D1 Men’s Basketball and Football (FBS only) and D1 Women’s Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis and Volleyball.  These scholarships are the most competitive in college sports recruiting. Head Count scholarships allow the coach to recruit the very best athletes.

For all other NCAA DI and D2 sports, “Equivalency” scholarships are available. This means there are no restrictions on the number of athletes that can receive a scholarship, but there is a limit, by sport, on the number of scholarships a team can distribute. Coaches typically divide their scholarship money among multiple athletes and in different percentages to players on their team. Under this model, coaches can recruit several “high potential” players and develop their skills over time.

Keep in mind that all scholarships are guaranteed for only one year and must be renegotiated annually.

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